Managed IT: Right for Your Company?

You’re constantly becoming aware of the buzz surrounding a brand-new product, like the iPhone 12. In business and the IT world, the spotlight has been on managed IT services for the past few years. Around the world, medium and small businesses are partnering with managed service companies (MSPs) to support their growing IT requirements, which has driven the development of managed services to more than $190 billion by 2019.

The question is, what’s encouraging businesses to utilize a MSP for managed IT? We have pinpointed 10 reasons that SMBs are making the switch:

Supplies an Economical Option – For all companies, among the most luring advantages of managed IT services, is that they prevent the need to broaden company IT personnel, which is a pricey venture when compared to the costs charged by MSPs for their services.

Supplements IT Department Limits – Every IT department has their limitation, whether it’s time or ability. That’s why, for some businesses, it isn’t a matter of, “Why should we utilize an MSP?”. Rather, it’s a given, considering that their IT group is overwhelmed with duties.

Saves In-House IT Personnel’s Time – Managed IT services offer IT staff the time they require to concentrate on more pressing internal jobs rather than shuffling between numerous duties.

Provides Improved Security – No matter the market, security is vital. Among the leading advantages of an MSP is they concentrate on managing a business’s network security, which guarantees companies their delicate information is safe.

Uses a Proactive Approach to IT – Another reason why services utilize a MSP is that these suppliers take a proactive approach to IT, making sure networks, mobile phones and cloud services are current in upkeep, security and more.

Makes Specialist Guidance Accessible – While some IT departments have pros in cloud computing, they might be empty-handed when it concerns mobile phone management. MSPs offer companies direct access to a group of professionals in a variety of subject matters.

Offers Predictable Expenses Monthly – Future preparation by MSPs offers services with a foreseeable expense. For smaller-sized businesses, anticipated future costs lets them develop an accurate spending plan and provides precise financial projections.

Enhances Client Relations and Service – Enhancing client relations is one benefit to using a managed IT company. When MSPs minimalize downtime – whether it’s for an online store or VoIP phone system – they improve that customer’s relationship with their clients, which can drive more sales.

Improves Office Efficiency – An advantage of MSPs that businesses mention, is how they enhance work environment efficiency. With a protected, steady network and fewer support tickets, personnel and IT departments can do more with their time in the workplace.

Avoids Expensive Downtime and Breaches – Security breaches and comprehensive downtime can quickly turn costly. When company networks go offline, services with MSPs prevent risks by alerting clients.

Start Conserving, Make the Change Today!

With the many advantages of managed IT services, it’s not likely the buzz around it will wane. Want to discover more about why companies utilize an MSP? Contact F1IT today and we can share our more than twenty years of experience in acting as an MSP to medium and small business throughout DFW.

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