Take These 4 Steps If You Lose Customer Data

Take These 4 Steps If You Lose Customer Data Photo
Businesses often keep data bout customers that could include sensitive financial information. Cybercriminals are constantly attempting to breach systems and gain access to this data. If your systems are breached or your server goes down, your clients could be exposed to identity theft. You can minimize the damage if a hardware malfunction or data breach […]

With PAX8, a Cautious MSP Converts to Cloud and Conquers

With PAX8, a Cautious MSP Converts to Cloud and Conquers Photo
The Problem | Hesitation to Adopt Cloud Solutions The mission of F1 Information Technologies is to empower tech-minded people to gain knowledge and experience and apply that to helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow. As Microsoft Exchange experts, they had so much to offer their clients, but the idea of buying another 15K Exchange […]

Are You CJIS Compliant?

Are You CJIS Compliant? Photo
Governmental companies are an easy and popular target for cybercriminals because of the sensitive nature of stored information. If you are an entity using or accessing this highly confidential data, do not let increasing cyber threats put you in a vulnerable situation. Organizations or vendors must comply with the CJIS Security Policy for maintaining utmost […]

Why Use F1 IT?

Why Use F1 IT? Photo
Just imagine a situation – your IT department is flooded with requests and has a tough time addressing queries. You may also be experiencing network issues, but the team is so occupied that running all operations smoothly takes longer than usual. This scenario is a common sight with several businesses. Thus, F1 IT comes to […]

Why I use a Mac

Why I use a Mac Photo
It’s not a cult. The first time I used a Mac was in the Fall of 1987. This was almost 20 years before the first iPhone hit Apple store shelves, and a long time before the days of sleek and beautiful MacBook Pros. The Mac was the first computer that I used to be productive. […]

Managed IT: Right for Your Company?

Managed IT: Right for Your Company? Photo
You’re constantly becoming aware of the buzz surrounding a brand-new product, like the iPhone 12. For business and IT world, the spotlight has been on managed IT services for the past few years. Around the world, medium and small businesses are partnering with managed service companies (MSPs) to support their growing IT requirements, which drove […]