Co-Managed IT

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A Co-Managed solution works well when a company’s growth outpaces its internal IT department’s ability to compensate or when additional experience or expertise may be needed. We become an extension to your current IT structure, which allows for visibility and alignment with your business/technology objectives.

F1IT works with your IT staff to help assess current capabilities and find opportunities to better support your business initiatives. We take into account industry best practices, technology risks and potential business impact.

Managed IT

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For a flat monthly fee, Managed IT Services allow you to focus 100% on your organization, your people, your operations and your strategy. We take a proactive approach to preventing problems before they are encountered. The team is routinely are engaged in maintenance, upgrades, system monitoring and issue resolution. Our issue resolution can be performed remotely because of advances in automation, the Internet and cloud computing. This increases process efficiency and consolidation.

IT Advisory Services

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F1IT’s skilled advisors will evaluate your current technology against what is needed to support your business plan. We will provide expert guidance to help your organization move smoothly from today to tomorrow. We compare where you are and where you want to be and counsel you on how to bridge those gaps.

F1IT can also train your staff on the optimal use of your IT tools, identify future IT investments your organization might need and how to most efficiently onboard them.

Cyber Security

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With the rising number of cyber threats, system security is no longer just an option. Regulations and compliance standards are changing all the time because of legislation intended to curb these threats. Many internal IT teams are so busy trying to take care of day-to-day user issues they don’t have the resources to keep up with fluctuations in compliance issues.

We examine every aspect of your organization’s IT requirements and develop a customized solution to meet and overcome the challenges you may face.

CJIS Compliance

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CJIS makes crime data accessible to relevant agencies, but organizations must maintain a security standard to utilize this data since breaches are becoming more common. We work with companies seeking CJIS compliance. Accessing sensitive criminal justice data doesn’t have to be complicated; neither does becoming CJIS compliant. When it comes to CJIS compliance, our team is with you every step of the way.

Business Continuity

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Minimizing the impact on vital IT services during an outage of any source is critical, especially in today’s environment of uncertainty. We develop comprehensive business continuity plans to protect your network and business data from costly and time consuming data loss. Our preventative and reactive plans will put proper back up in place before a loss occurs, such as an outage, a malicious attack, or a natural disaster.


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F1IT can help organizations determine the best way to tailor the cloud to meet your specific business requirements, including total cloud storage, a hybrid, or something in-between. The cloud can be leveraged to increase staff mobility, improve operations and maximize your IT investment.

We can help you maximize tools and features like hosted email, Office 365, file sharing and more.

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